Welcome to DCW Consultancy.  Quality services are offered either online or in person in the following areas:

  • Research Management  (design, facilitation and report writing)
  • Educational Development  (design and delivery)

Danielle works in collaboration with research, education and marketing professionals to create opportunities for change. Understanding your needs and the challenges within which you are operating is fundamental to this work.

Research Management

Danielle is able to offer a range of research management services such as research design and facilitation, data analysis and report writing. Recognising the value of engaging with service users in the data collection and analysis process, she provides the necessary expertise to manage research processes that support real service user engagement. This is achieved using participatory methods enabling detailed recommendations for service and product improvement within education, youth transition and early years.  Having built a reputation working with clients ranging from charities and Universities to private companies, you will have peace of mind that your project will be responsive to the needs of stakeholders and clients and carried out in a professional and sensitive manner. See examples below:

Screen Shot 2017-12-13 at 16.18.09



Voices of Our Future Research Report





Screen Shot 2017-12-13 at 16.13.47



Diverse Langworthy Research Report





A summary of these projects can be found here.

Educational Development

Danielle is able to offer a range of education development services, such as the design and delivery of training programs, online content, higher education teaching/seminars and public speaking.  Recognising educational material can sometimes lack relevance, clarity and interest, Danielle is passionate about education and prides herself on creating and delivering programmes that guide learners on a focused, relevant, enjoyable and engaging journey.

Having worked with National Government and Universities to create material for hundreds of students and thousands of young people in the areas of career transition, education, youth studies, early years, social mobility and civic engagement, you can be confident Danielle has the expertise to meet your requirements. She has a commitment to understanding the needs of learners through engaging with key stakeholders and supporting documentation. It is with this understanding that she facilitates the creation of comprehensive learning objectives and content that is of a high standard.




Video of program (April, 2017)


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