Academic Coaching

Academic Coaching (online or in person)

In addition to research and education consultancy Danielle is able to offer one to one coaching. This is grounded in having worked for 15 years as a youth and community practitioner, empowering people to instigate change in different areas of their life and 3 years as a careers coach with the Connexions service supporting hundreds of people navigate complex transitions. Danielle continued this fascination to understand how people may best enable meaning full change in their lives into her Doctorate in Education at the University of Manchester where for 5 year she focused on factors shaping career transition. During this time she developed a new framework for how reflection may enable alternative career paths and potentially lead to social mobility.

Danielle is currently developing a new programme called ‘Life after Doctorate’, this alongside one to one coaching utilises the stories and experiences of many Phd graduates, years of practical experience supporting people with complex transitions and models developed during my doctorate.

One to One Academic Coaching (online or in person)

Do you have an area of your academic life that is troubling you? Perhaps you feel stuck managing a demanding workload or you are not sure how to move forward with a piece of writing.  Danielle is now able to offer a confidential coaching service, common questions include:

  • How do I publish and manage my teaching?
  • Do I quit my PhD / professional doctorate?
  • How do I prepare for my Viva?
  • I don’t feel motivated / able to write!

Danielle is a very knowledgeable and extremely supportive academic coach, and this service is impartial and completely confidential. Having worked for over eight years in higher education and specialising through a Doctorate in career transition exploring barriers that limit effective progress, you can be confident Danielle has the skills to guide you through whatever challenges you are confronting.  She has selected frameworks and NLP techniques to specifically support motivation and decision making in relation to academic progression. The International Coaching Federation’s Code of Ethics are followed.

Within academic coaching Danielle offers two distinct services; motivational and decision focused coaching.  These services are available in person or online through Skype or other platforms.

Motivational coaching

Motivational coaching improves academic performance and supports career progression.  You may need support to complete your PhD on time; to write for publication; to improve your grade from a 2:2 to a 2:1 or to prepare for an exam. Drawing from a wealth of experience and using selected frameworks and NLP techniques Danielle will enable you to identify blocks, opportunities, areas for development and give you the tools to move forward.

A free, confidential, no obligation, 30 minute consultation is offered to all potential clients where you can discuss how the service works and what you can expect to gain considering your circumstances and aspirations. This will enable you to decide wether this particular approach is a good fit for you. If you do begin, coaching ranges from between £40 and £120 per hour depending upon your personal earning bracket. This allows for discounted rates to be offered for students and early career professionals through this sliding payment structure (A small amount of pro bono work is also offered). Depending upon needs and preferences it is often possible to achieve results within 3 to 6 months.

Decision Focused Coaching

Decision Focused Coaching deals with questions such as Do I stay in academia? Do I quit my PhD? Is it worth doing a professional doctorate? Again, this service is impartial and completely confidential; the focus is upon understanding and mapping your situation in order to navigate through/forge a new path. It is a thorough approach that will explore your current circumstances and again uses selected frameworks and NLP techniques to challenge limiting thoughts; many report this part of the session to be extremely helpful in itself, often uncovering options that had not been previously thought of. Once a detailed overview of the situation has been gained Danielle will reflect with you upon different options available, supporting you to map a new plan utilising selected coaching tools. As with motivational coaching, decision focused coaching sessions range from between £40 and £120 per hour depending upon your personal earning bracket and it is often possible to achieve results within 3 to 6 months.