Academic Coaching

Academic Coaching (online or in person)

Do you have an area of your academic life that is troubling you? Perhaps you feel stuck managing a demanding workload or you are not sure how to move forward with a piece of writing.  Danielle is now able to offer a confidential coaching service, common questions include:

  • How do I gain a first in my assignment?
  • How do I prepare for my Viva?
  • How do I publish and manage my teaching?
  • Do I quit my PhD / professional doctorate?
  • How do I move from teaching into Research?
  • I don’t feel motivated / able to write!

Danielle is a very knowledgeable and extremely supportive academic coach, and this service is impartial and completely confidential. Working as a lecturer/associate lecturer and previously a PhD candidate in several well regarded higher education settings, considerable time has been spent mentoring early career academics and PhD students, arranging regular writing clinics and delivering seminars.

Within academic coaching Danielle offers two distinct services; motivational and decision focused coaching.  These services are available in person or online through Skype or other platforms.

Motivational coaching

Motivational coaching improves academic performance and supports career progression.  You may need support with an essay, disertation or thesis; to improve your grade from a 2:2 to a 2:1; to prepare for an exam; to complete your PhD on time; to write for publication. These services are impartial and completely confidential; the focus is upon identifying blocks, opportunities and areas for development. Once the assessment criteria or any other requirements have been explored and challenges considered we focus upon how you can move forward. Many people find this process extremely helpful in acknowledging the challenges experienced, a necessary part of creating energy and motivation to move forward.

All sessions are followed with a personalised step by step plan for how to achieve the identified goals, a follow up package is also offered that includes a deadline checking service that will support you to stay on track and a goal review session at the end of the follow up period. For all sessions and packages, discounted rates are offered to students and early career professionals, with preparation and focus it is often possible to achieve results within a few sessions.

Decision Focused Coaching

Decision Focused Coaching deals with questions such as Do I stay in academia? Do I quit my PhD? Is it worth doing a professional doctorate? This service is impartial and completely confidential; the focus is upon understanding and mapping your situation in order to provide the most appropriate advice. It is a thorough approach that will explore your current circumstances; many report this part of the session to be extremely helpful in itself, often uncovering options that had not been previously thought of. Once a detailed overview of the situation has been gained Danielle will reflect with you upon the potential for the different options available, supporting you to make and plan choices that are right for you. All sessions are followed with a personalized plan for how to move forward. Please see Testimonials section.