Research Design

Research Design


Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at 11.24.35In addition to education content, Danielle is able to offer research services such as research methods training, staff or volunteer supervision, data analysis and report writing. Specialising in participatory research methods she can provide the necessary expertise and values to manage processes that support real service user engagement throughout the data collection and/or analysis, enabling detailed recommendations for service and product improvement within education, youth transition and early years.  You will have peace of mind that your project will be responsive to the needs of stakeholders and clients and carried out in a professional and sensitive manner.

Experience developing research designs range from online questionnaires to longitudinal studies over several years. Able to quickly tune in to what is required, Danielle assesses logistical and political complexities, absorbs necessary documentation and creates excellent, high quality research designs that confidently address the brief set.

With regards to research areas, projects have so far focused upon youth transition, widening participation, disadvantaged youth, ethnic diversity, youth unemployment and NHS service improvement. Partners include, the University of Manchester, Manchester Metropolitan University, an NHS Commissioning Group, The Young Advisors National Charity and Westminster’s Careers and Employability Board.

A summary of these projects can be found here.

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