IMG_7789 2Workshop and Education Design and Delivery

Danielle is an engaging facilitator/speaker, leading workshops, staff training, national and international conferences, lectures and seminars. Recognising educational material can sometimes lack relevance, clarity and creativity, she prides herself on designing and delivering programmes that guide learners on a focused, enjoyable and engaging journey.

Material has been created for Universities and Government departments for hundreds of students and thousands of young people (see examples). Danielle understands the needs and workings of departments having worked within and alongside Universities for many years.  This enables the provision of excellent content with minimal effort from the Institution.

University departments can select from a portfolio of workshop content for PhD candidates, graduates and early career researchers ranging from a two hour workshop to a four day course.  All are inline with The Concordat principles 3, 4 and 5 and informed by current research into PhD transitions, labour market trends and opportunities in relation to intersectionality.

imagesQualitative conversations with PhD graduates, early career researchers and established academic and non-academic staff from across the northwest also inform this content making workshops engaging and relevant. see example below:

Two Day Workshop: ‘I’ve Got My PhD, What Now!’

For examples of curriculum and training designed and delivered go to the Collaborations page.