I continue to conduct research and curriculum development for a number of organisations including departments within the University of Manchester, Manchester Metropolitan University, government departments such as the National Citizenship and charities such as Young Advisors.

I will focus upon two research commissions that I have led.

A successful funding bid enabled a partnership between Manchester Metropolitan University and a large NHS funded community centre in Greater Manchester. ‘Diverse Langworthy’ (Report attached) focused upon how the centre could better support the needs of a diverse ethnic community. I worked with key stakeholders throughout, especially during the funding application, research design and dissemination of findings phases. The project required the recruitment of a team of 10 bilingual researchers to be employed as Manchester Metropolitan University staff; this team were provided with formal and ongoing training in research methods and thematic analysis; data was translated from 11 different languages adding an additional layer of complexity to the research but enabling access to a wider sample. The research recommendations were used to inform the next phase of the organizations business strategy.

Langworthy Cornerstone Research Report 

Work and Skills Board of Westminster City Council ‘Voices of our Future’ (report attached). This work focused upon the needs of clients involved in information advice and guidance services in the Westminster area to inform the Work and Skills Activity. I liaised with key stakeholders throughout to plan an appropriate methodology, to access the sample and to disseminate findings. The research methodology required a team of 6 peer researchers to be trained in research methods, these young people were guided throughout the data gathering and analysis stages to ensure rigour, a representative from the team was also supported to present the findings with me to the Work and Skills Board.

Voice of Our Future Research Report