Danielle takes huge pride in maintaining a consistently excellent service across all areas of the consultancy, this is reflected in the positive feedback received. Here are a few examples…


Danielle facilitated the design, delivery and write up of a six month research project for Langworthy Cornerstone Association (LCA) of which I have been Chairperson for over 5 years. This was commissioned by Manchester Metropolitan University and involved the recruitment and training of 11 researchers to facilitate focus groups with their communities regarding health and wellbeing needs.  She trained and mentored them through to the successful completion of a research report for LCA Management Board and stakeholders.

The research report identified some powerful and emotive issues and medium to longer term opportunities to support ethnic minority groups living in the area. Relationships built during this time enabled minority groups to access and develop activities at the centre alongside LCA management board and staff.

Danielle has excellent research skills, she is an extremely good communicator, teacher, mentor and developed this community research project with skill, proficiency and sensitivity. I would recommend her for further research projects, she fulfilled a very difficult remit with energy, empathy and her knowledge of community consultation and expertise is outstanding.

Bev Fletcher (Business and Management Consultant, BFAssociates Ltd) June, 2016


Since 2014,  Danielle has undertaken considerable teaching and scholarly activity at Manchester Metropolitan University.  I have always found Dani to be diligent and committed to all aspects of her work. For example, on one occasion she picked up unit teaching and leadership at very short notice.  Pragmatically, she swiftly negotiated with other tutors teaching on this unit to identify a unit plan in line with the philosophical approach which had been embedded in the weeks prior.  Dani’s appointment to the teaching team meant rapid changes for students, at a time of considerable emotional stress, she showed strength and compassion, giving students a sense of ‘being held’ whilst also recognising the complexity of their individual emotional and academic needs.  In order to do this in the way that Dani was able to, she was carefully listening, not only to what the students were saying but also to what they were not saying and using this knowledge to structure her approach to delivery and support.  She was also actively engaging with other colleagues in the wider programme team to ensure that she was up-to-date with programme-level changes so as to ensure that messages conveyed to the students were clear and consistent.

Most of all, Dani was organised, reassuring and supportive of the students’ needs, continuing to embed high expectations for student engagement and achievement whilst recognising how unsettling the changes had been to the group.  Dani did an extremely impressive job under very difficult circumstances.

Kerry Moakes (Undergraduate Programmes Director, Manchester Metropolitan University) January, 2018

Academic Coaching

I contacted Dr Danielle White after struggling with the theoretical demains of my PhD. We met, apprehensively at first, as I was coming to the conclusion that the PhD was not for me.

Danielle has a natural talent for coaching people in developing their ideas and to inspire confidence in them. The coaching was down-to-earth and realistic, there were even times Danielle discussed her own PhD experiences. These coaching sessions have helped me go into the fieldwork phase of my PhD with confidence and assurance.

I would recommend Danielle to anybody who is struggling with the demands of postgraduate work no matter how big or small. Thank-you Dr White!

Anonymous (Ph.D Candidate, University of Manchester) August, 2017

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